An Especially, Special Ed Director in MI’s Troy Public Schools!

Michigan’s Troy Public Schools’ Kathy Jagels is just an especially, special director of special education, Kathy would provide FAPE to every child if she had the ultimate control, as would her predecessor Linda Hannon.

Directors like this are few and very far between MI school districts.

When you have a director such as this in your district, don’t take him/her for granted. Call and email your superintendent and attend a school board meeting to share your thoughts. Fight for this director’s job when too many school districts want un-special ed administrators who will be bean-counters and treat your child like a bean among many, instead of an “I” with unique and individualized educational needs.

In this time of crisis in MI school districts, those with dedicated special education directors must be appreciated and their accolades must be shouted from every rooftop.

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