Detroit Free Press Gubernatorial Endorsement; 2010 & 2014, Here We Are Again!

Okay, I am going to go on the record and say, that if the Detroit Free Press Editorial Board is so conflicted over who presents the best of the worst choices for MI Governor; has such “keen reservations,” and “fears” four more years of Rick Snyder, a questionably “principled leader,” and would have selected a “third candidate,” they should have been brutally honest, and written that editorial, and not endorsed either candidate.

Can we really be here again? Four years ago the Free Press endorsement of Rick Snyder was a comparison to their endorsement of John Engler over Geoff Feiger. I wrote a letter to the editor and told voters that based upon that endorsement they should not vote for the governor, and my letter was printed.

Four years later and we are here again. Really? Rick Snyder can’t be trusted but the Democrats put up such a lackluster challenge that Snyder is better than Mark Schauer, a man who is at least trustworthy, will stop the hemorrhaging of our decimated public schools, and will care about We the People, and our children?

Bring brutal truth and honesty to the choices and stark differences in candidates. Highlight that Mark Schauer has been weak on the details, and how he will move Michigan forward, and then remind Michiganders that back in 2010, Rick Snyder’s “Ten Points” were vanishing ink based upon the lack of information and murky platform.

Educate Michigan voters on how we ended up with this kind of Gubernatorial campaign. How at this time in our State’s history, when we desperately need an agent of change, who will cross political aisles and fight to drive laws and constitutional amendments so necessary for the health, infrastructure and foundation of our State, we have sat back and allowed politics as usual.

Shout from the printing rafters that the Term Limit Fiasco of 1992 has destroyed MI and how a true “term limit” is a vote and not an artificial limit of six years in the house and eight in the Senate. Educate voters on how the Headlee Amendment has wreaked havoc on public education. How Proposal 1 was always designed to fail. How Detroit ended up the most bankrupt city in America.

At least be brutally honest about Rick Snyder’s dangerous and duplicitous diouble-speak, and “going back on his word about transparency” and “Right to Work,” and then highlight the lowlights of the lackluster Schauer campaign. Help voters understand that continuing to support and vote for lesser of evils is not working. Give voters the real facts on both candidates, and then let them decide.

That’s an endorsement I could respect, as would so many conflicted Michigan citizens. So to Editorial Editor, Stephen Henderson and the Editorial Board, there’s still time.

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