DPS is $49M “more” in the hole


You just can’t make this up! DPS is $49M further in the black hole than they were one year ago. That is in addition to the $63M Head Start fiasco. Factors (such a benign word for a crisis) contributing to the deficit “include general fund charge-backs for planned grant expenses in…special education….and Medicaid services overpayment from the previous year…” Again, the DPS has basically been robbing disabled-Peter to pay non-disabled-Paul.

We can write about the DPS and “pseudo-Detroit, the EAA, every day of the week. DPS and the EAA are like educational-heroin to the news and TV media. They know that a daily fix is coming. And clearly, the days, weeks, months, years and decades of the Detroit News covering this apocalypse has not led to the dismantling and restructuring of cultural and systems-wide failures that are now fifty long years and and an apparent disease that has no one searching for a cure.

When will Michiganders understand that Michigan is not truly viable without Detroit and its children. Not one child forced to attend a DPS or EAA school has asked to be born to this life sentence of educational neglect, illiteracy, poverty and filling the “school to prison pipeline.”

Think about that. Think about the children…And then use your voice, pen, email and presence. Demand that legislators on both sides of the aisle earn your vote by signing on to a commitment paper to turnaround this “city of ashes” and despair.


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