EAA Kindergarten Dumpster


Explain this to me like I am one of the five year olds in the EAA’s Kindergarten Hub-dumpster. All current studies on best educational practices supports the importance of small classrooms. The EAA is calling the consolidation and herding of Kindergarten students an “experiment?”

This is a gag alert, warning.

There is no research to support that grouping 100 youngsters with three teachers is an effective model of instruction. Further, grouping students into high-medium-low reading and math groups, when each group has roughly “thirty-plus” students does not allow for “1” teacher to provide “small group” or “individualized” instruction. In fact, putting the same number of students in the high and low, reading and math is outrageous when you realize that those students in the “lowest” level need even more specialized instruction.

The EAA’s warehousing of Kindergarteners is for budgetary purposes and nothing more. To make this more pathetic, you are taking children living in the most dire of economic circumstances and often without Head Start or preschool and throwing them into Kindergarten chaos, when they most need a small and nurturing environment. Make no mistake, this is all on the watch and approval of Governor Rick Snyder and State Superintendent Mike Flanagan….And they have a lot of explaining to do.


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