IDEA: A 37 Year Failure

Finally a brutally honest article about IDEA and how it has been a 37 year-old failure. This article speaks to the special education administrators that willfully don’t enforce IDEA or allow education personnel to identify children in need of special education programs and services due to budgetary constraints. So ask yourself this? Shouldn’t every possible child in America have the opportunity to become a whining, crying taxpayer one day? Shouldn’t every child in America have access to the American Dream (especially now that the world has not ended…at least for the time being)? Shouldn’t every child in America be viewed as our nation’s greatest natural and national resource? Every child matters. Every child must matter. The Newtown tragedy can shine a light on the failure to help children with complex psychiatric needs along with the failure to even recognize children with Asperger’s Syndrome & PDD-NOS (although the DSM-V will say these children don’t exist in May 2013). Stated plainly and with brutal honesty, as a nation we are failing children with special needs and this has to stop,and stop right now. Keep this conversation going. Enjoin your neighbors, family members, friends and legislators in conversation about IDEA and un-special education that fails to identify so many children and fails to properly educate those it does identify.

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