Newtown Massacre

I am both at a loss for words and infuriatingly angry about the massacre today in Newtown Conn. there are reports that the shooter Adam Lanza had a Developmental Delay; possible Asperger’s, a personality disorder…what is devastatingly obvious is that Adam Lanza needed psychiatric help and did not get what he needed. We live in the 21st Century and yet we are barbaric when it comes to funding psychiatric brain disorders; providing community and state psychiatric services, and our nation’s schools for the mot part do an egregious “nothing” to providing limited programs and services. As a nation we continue to ignore the need for gun control and MI’s current Governor, Rick Snyder and the Republican majority in our Legislature has weakened already weak and grossly insufficient gun laws. We may live in the year 2012 and the 21st Century but we have not evolved into a society and populace that values children, those with disabilities, those disabled by poverty, and we perpetuate violence in this country every time we do nothing after the nation’s “next” and “worse” devastating tragedy. Ring in the new year with courage of conviction and resolve to reunite in bipartisan accord to rebuild America’s infrastructure and pass gun laws that will prevent America from mourning yet again.

(In response to What We Know So Far About Connecticut School Shooter Adam Lanza)

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  1. Hi Marcie, I am a parent, and I have a 14 yr old son with autism. I find your articles interesting and informative. I am looking forward to following your page.

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