Shout out to IL State Board of Ed and a Shame on You to Michigan and New York!

TGIF’s “Shame” on un-special, especially bad education is notice to both Michigan and New York. These States will not further erode special education for students with disabilities. New York will not get away with “out of level” testing and MI will not get away with giving school districts local control over special ed staffing (and many more devastating revisions.

To Illinois State Superintendent Chris Koch, “shame on you” for working to destroy meaningful educational benefit for your children with IEPs and exploding teacher class sizes and caseloads. You did not win.

Thank you to Illinois State Board of Ed, Chair Gery Chico and the rest of the Board for saying no to Superintendent Chris Koch’s proposed revisions to the Il Special Education Rules that would have given school districts local control over special ed staffing and removed special ed program sizes.

This is a victory for Illinois students with disabilities, their parents and teachers. This is a shout out to the advocates, parents, concerned citizens, teachers and BATS who were among the 6000 public comments submitted and 90-percent in opposition.

The Michigan Department has proposed special ed rule revisions that contain the same as those proposed by Illinois and worse. They too must be stopped, and they will. I believe the people of MI and across the Nation will fight against these regressive revisions just as they have in Illinois. I can say with humor that I will never forget that the email address to the Illinois public comment was “” Get ready to battle!

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