To Dr. Martin Luther King…..

Goofy as it sounds, I want my life to mean something. I believe that if I have a gift it is my unrelenting passion for children and unapologetic fight for a globally enviable Public Education for Every child.

And while I want to be cremated in lieu of a burial when I die, I would like my tombstone to say”Andrew’s mother, and she gave her personal best.”

I believe that we are witnessing the end of Public Education and the complete death of Special Education. Special Education is not even forty years old. It hasn’t reached a 1/2 century milestone. A law that President Ford predicted would fail, has been an abject failure, and now the promise is being destroyed, State by State by State, and OSEP is an accomplice.

So while I fight every day for my son, for children and for truly “special” education for Every child in America….I don’t believe that I will be here to see it, and it makes me sad beyond words.

Today is a celebration and remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King. Let’s all find our voice, our courage of conviction and think about acting on something that matters. If you don’t act, don’t expect that anyone else will.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter….” Dr. Martin Luther King

“Inaction is not an option; The silence is not working….” Marcie Lipsitt

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