What is the Difference between a Pit Bull and a Parent Advocate/Education Activist?

What is the difference between a pit bull and a parent advocate/education activist?  Well, with no intended slight to former Republican vice presidential nominee, Governor Sarah Palin or her comparison of pit bulls to hockey moms…the answer is still, lipstick.

I’ll admit, I had not thought a lot about Governor Palin’s statement other than to wonder why we would want a pit bull in the White House.  I was unabashedly and passionately an Obama supporter.  I also did not know much of anything about pit bulls (I have 3 wonderful rescue dogs but none are even part pit bull) and had not yet been the recipient of this label and persona. At least not to my face! So last week when a parent of one of the children I am currently representing referred to me as “our pit bull” I must admit it stopped me in my tracks. 

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