Why does Michigan want Governor Nerd?

Michigan newspapers have endorsed Rick Snyder to be our next governor; an outsider, a nerd, and never having held a public office, or pushed through a piece of legislation, let alone navigated a term-limited partisan-shackled legislature.  When students with disabilities are in a “critical area of learning” our public schools provide them with an “extended school year.”  Are we going to put Mr. Snyder into an extended school year in order to learn Legislation 100, the Michigan Compiled Laws 200, and the havoc incurred through both John Engler and Jennifer Granholm’s Executive Orders 300?  Rick Snyder has ZERO legislative experience.  We have no idea if his legislative knowledge goes beyond the stunningly superficial because he has refused to convene Town Hall meetings or hold more than the one paltry debate against Democrat Virg Bernero. His 10-point plan is nothing short of 10-points of superficial cyber-space mumbo jumbo.

Why is an “outsider” considered to be the Messiah for a State in the crisis of its Statehood?  Snyder would go to Lansing without a base of support and a virtual legislative illiterate, and that’s supposed to be good for Michigan?  He runs as “One Tough Nerd.”  Dr. Seuss first printed a modern use of the word “nerd” in his 1950 story, “If I Ran the Zoo,” talking about creatures and animals.  Newsweek then used “nerd” in an article referring to Detroit’s description of people considered to be “square.”   Merriam Webster dictionary defines a nerd as, “an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person.”  The Dictionary.com; “a stupid, irritating, ineffectual….”   Again, why do we want a Nerd to be our State’s next governor?  Brian Calley as a Lieutenant Governor is certainly no Dr. Seuss.  And while Rick Snyder “pretends” to be a candidate without a party affiliation; his choice of Brian Calley as his running mate speaks volumes to his pandering to the far right wing of the Republican Party.  Can you spell “disingenuous?”

Synonyms for the word nerd include, “bookworm, dink, dork, geek, grind, weenie or wonk.  This is the portrait of a person we want to elect governor?  Rick says that Michigan is “broken.”  What, we think he is capable of putting Humpty-Michigan-Dumpty back together again?  I will agree with those who say that Democrat Virg Bernero would be nothing short of a puppet with strings pulled by the unions.  Still, Mr. Bernero’s positions on women’s rights, protecting our Great Lakes and rebuilding public education are akin to those espoused by a large majority of this State’s populace, Mr. Snyder’s are not.

Personally, I am sick and tired of voting for what we refer to as the “lesser of evils” and that is what newspaper editorial boards are telling us to do.  Mr. Snyder wouldn’t get my vote if Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel rose from the dead to become his running mate.  I don’t want a nerd to be my next Governor.  I love Michigan and I’m tired of voting to make it erode further, and into a State of no return.   Fewer than twenty-percent of Michigan voters took the time to vote in the August primary and what did that get us?  We were left with the two worst gubernatorial candidates, perhaps in the history of our State.  Michigan is the most broken State in America.  On November 2nd don’t make Michigan worse at 8:02 PM, than it was at 7:59 PM, by voting for a governor who will send Michigan down a path toward further destruction.  Think of your children or Michigan’s children when you vote.  Ask yourself which gubernatorial candidate can begin to return Michigan to a place that can offer its citizens a piece of the American Dream.  If you can’t answer that question then don’t vote for a governor.  Vote in all other races but don’t vote to make Michigan worse.

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