7-Year-Old Gabriel Myers Never Had a Chance

From CBS News in Florida: “After 7-Year-Old Gabriel Myers’ Suicide, Fla. Bill Looks to Tighten Access to Psychiatric Drugs”

The issue with children in foster care being over medicated is a national problem and is the result of a critical shortage of pediatric psychiatrists and the reality of psychotherapy not being covered by insurance.

The real crime is the lack of federal funding from Congress, the NIMH and NIH to research psychiatric illness in children and the medications that can have a targeted therapeutic effect. This is a national scandal and tragedy. Then again, foster care for America’s children is one of our nation’s dirty little secrets. CBS has a far bigger story to tell. My heart goes out to this little guy. He never had a chance.

Who will rescue America’s most fragile children? Every child matters.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”….Dr. Martin Luther King

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