“Like” the Michigan Alliance for Special Education, Facebook Page; The Unvarnished Truth

Folks- I am looking for every possible way to build the Michigan Alliance for Special Education Facebook page and effort….across Michigan,and even across the United States.

The climate for children with special needs in Michigan and across the U.S. has not been this bad in more than forty years, Far too many legislators and Public School administrators view students with IEPs as an economic albatross. This tide will not change without a commitment from the parents/caregivers of students with special learning needs, along with their teachers and clinicians. Sitting quietly on the sidelines is not going to cut it, and inaction is not an option.

Further, just as Illinois proposed devastating special ed rule revisions last spring, the about to be proposed revisions to MI’s special ed rules are even more regressive and damaging. Let’s not fool ourselves. What happens in one State can happen in another. If Illinois and MI are successful there will be other States’ special education rules eroding like a pandemic domino effect.

WE can and WE must stop these special education rule revisions. We must push for a recommitment to Public Education and to “specialized instruction” for every child in need. My dream and goal for this Facebook page is to cover all of Michigan, and to reach all 50 states. To cover all legislative efforts, special education rule revisions and policies that will have an adverse impact on the education of students with IEPs, 504s, and at risk, along with further devastating special education teachers and clinicians.

This said, I am asking everyone to message me or email me at MarcieLipsitt@outlook.com with any information on your state’s legislative, rule-making, policy-making efforts to undermine un-special education.

This page can be a repository for all pending activity across Michigan and the U.S. We Can Be the Difference in stopping the regression to pre-1975 Federal Special Education law, while pushing for the legislative and policy-making necessary to bring meaningful educational opportunities and improved outcomes for our State and our Nation’s children with disabilities, and at risk.

If you are ready to hear the unvarnished truth and fight for children, this is the Facebook page for you.

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