Don’t let Governor Snyder destroy public education in 2013

In response to “Panel calls for community action against legislation“:

Folks- Do not be lulled into believing the expansion of the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) and non-elected dictatorial control, along with the expansion of a free-for-all of Brick & Mortar and online schools is dead simply because the MI lame-duck legislature has quaked its last legislative breath. Governor Snyder has made it clear that the EAA and Parent Trigger legislation is his priority in January when the new legislature is in session. Parents, teachers and everyone vested in the public education of every MI child needs to hit the ground running in January and use your voices, pens and email to lobby your legislators and especially your new legislators to reinvest, reinvigorate and reform public education in MI.

And take the time to read the draft proposal of the MI Public Education Finance Act of 2013 that discriminates against students at risk, students with disabilities, students that don’t speak English as a first language and students living in our economically disadvantaged districts.

This proposal has nothing to do with reforming public education in MI and has everything to do with free market enterprise and for profit. “For profit” and public education do not belong in the same sentence. Repeat that and repeat that and do your due diligence. Be ready for Governor Snyder, Rep Lisa Lyons, Speaker Bolger, Senator Pavlov and Senator Richardville and their renewed attack on public education in January 2013.

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