If a child is broken

Diane Ravitch’s Blog is a must read for those vested in public education…and if you are reading my posts you are very vested!! Diane writes about all aspects of our broken public education system at the state and federal level.

Yes, she is amazingly able to keep up with the educational happenings in every state across the U.S. She also writes about the outliers…issues like our MI Legislature passing SB 59 that would have allowed concealed guns in our schools and churches.

She wrote about Gov. Snyder’s veto (would he have vetoed had the tragedy in Newtown not occurred?) of SB 59. I have linked to her blog and to her highlight of one of my comments in reaction to a thread about “a child being broken.” I will never believe a child is born broken. I believe we break children when we don’t meet their mental health and educational needs. We break children when we force them to live in poverty, homelessness, mired in gang violence and an existence of hopelessness.

There is a fabulous read, “Poverty is not a Learning Disability,” but in reality it is and that is what this book speaks to.

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