Nov 24, 2011 Letter to Detroit Free Press re: Brandon Jessup

Letter to the editor-

One could believe it is David vs. Goliath when thinking about a mere mortal by the name of Brandon Jessup taking on Governor Snyder and democracy at its very core. Yet Mr. Jessup and his grassroots effort “Stand Up for Democracy” have done just that, and 161,305 signatures later the “emergency manager” law—a dictatorship in the year 2011—will soon go dormant awaiting the voters  ballot in November 2012.

Brandon Jessup has proven to all Michiganders that “We the People” can stand up for what is right.  We can challenge a Governor and Legislature that would have the audacity to take away our right to hold elected officials accountable in favor of dictatorial unelected rule in cities across our State.

Now it will be up to voters in November 2012 to reject and repeal a law that would ultimately destroy Michigan as we know it and replace it with potential tyranny and stifling autocratic rule.

Detroit cannot be resurrected from 44 years of neglect by appointing an emergency manager. If no elected mayor or governor in more than four decades has understood that Michigan is not viable without a rebirthing of Detroit , what makes us think that a non-elected-governor appointed minion would be this city’s savior?

America and Michigan are woven in a fabric of democracy.  Stand Up for Democracy is definitely a step in the right direction. Brandon Jessup should now channel his efforts along with the populace behind the 161,305 signatures and drive a November 2012 ballot initiative to rid Michigan of the 1992 term limit fiasco.  For we must restore Michigan voters’ rights to vote for legislators that will be in office long enough to return both Michigan and Detroit to viability.

Term limits have held Michigan ‘s growth hostage to short-lived and short-sighted legislators. You don’t rid our State of ineffective legislators through restrictive term limits that would also remove legislators who are doing their jobs and representing their constituents. Repealing the emergency manager law is vital but without driving a ballot initiative to amend our Constitution and rid our State of the term limit albatross, is simply a tourniquet on a gushing main artery.

Marcie Lipsitt

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