Poverty is America’s Greatest Shame and Opportunity for Greatness

I can’t stand and do not tolerate when someone says that people living in poverty, on welfare, on food stamps, homeless or with a barely sustaining income, choose this existence. It is insulting. It is inaccurate, and it looks at the problems on such a superficial…45 second cable newsbyte….level, that it makes me want to scream. President Johnson is not resting in peace anymore than Dr. King and his disciples, and Marion Wright Edelman is wondering if she will live to see the day when there are no children living in poverty instead of an increase.

I do what I do for children because they do not ever ask to be born. I feed people on the street because they are hungry and their dream vocation is not standing on the street with a cup and a sign.

Poverty is inexcusable and makes me embarrassed to be an American. We have to do better. We can do better. It is time for everyone to get over their misconceptions and views on poverty, and simply agree that we must win this war…but to win it we have to engage in the battles and take this on like the dangerous enemy that it is.

20 Things The Poor Really Do Every Day
While it’s popular to think people are poor because they’re lazy, the poor actually work longer and harder than the rest of us.

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