The Grinch who stole World Autism Awareness Day

I don’t mean to sound like the Grinch who stole World Autism Awareness Day, or even the green-eyed monster, but I have some real issues with this “day” and America’s views on autistic spectrum disorders. I will start by saying that I am the mother of 20 year-old with early onset bipolar disorder and Asperger Syndrome (There’s more but that is for another blog). So my issues with World Autism Awareness Day have nothing to do with my ignorance of, or lack of concern for those that suffer from an autistic spectrum disorder. My beef – and it is as big as the biggest herd of cows – has to do with the fact that I am tired of the growing misconception that children on the vast autistic spectrum are the most complex children on the planet and the most underserved.

This simply is not true. It is not only children with autism who are in need of intensive speech and language services, behavioral interventions, social skills training and sensory integration therapy. So, why should health care insurance cover these services only for the child with autism and not the child with another disorder or illness?

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  1. It shouldn’t, ABA therapy isn’t just for autistics. It works on other kids and can be either primary or adjuct treatment for mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

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